Ole Sarge Customs was founded in 2013. For the simple reason that I loved working on cars, but lacked the funds to maintain the volume I enjoyed. So I figured if I could scratch that itch. The quality of my work instantly was noticed. I purposely targeted the middle class because nobody had before. A reliable, safe, show ready truck for under 10k is very attainable. My business quickly grew National and then a few from Europe and Australia. I was constantly booked a year out (and that’s because I only scheduled a year out). Then on July 7th 2015 the fire happened, cutting me down in my prime. I am now wheelchair bound with tremors so bad, I can’t feed myself. But I have all this knowledge in my head. So now, after 4 long years I am reopening the shop, as a supervisor! I hope you visit, and get the Ole Sarge experience!