~Reframe (a more modern Chassis) a great upgrade for your old truck!

~Engine rebuilding and performance builds

~Basic tune ups and carb tuning

~Engine/transmission swaps

~Intall LS1 and rework harness

~All manner of suspension/brake work

~Body wiring harness

~Big stereo install

~Rust repair

​~Power windows 


~A/C design, build, and maintain

​~Steering column and brake/gas pedal install

~I don’t do interiors, but I know a guy(we sub-contract)

~I don’t do paint but I know a guy(we sub-contract)

~I have an excellent pin striper, Ripplys Ol Skool. He’s been doing it for over 40 years. He's been known to spend the day at my shop pinstriping anything that’s not Bolted down.

~Anything else you want done.

I just love Dragging cars from the fence row and breathing new life into them! It excites me!